STO credits for the MMORPG Star Trek Online are a hot commodity. This is especially the case with a new game expansion announced for the summer of 2010. Klingon characters and federation fans are eager to buy STO credits, creating quicker upgrade abilities in preparation for the 3 new Tier 5 ships soon to enter the game.

While STO credits guides give tips on farming game gold, many of those recently getting into the game world are looking for quick STO credits. When you buy STO credits, some stores promise precise delivery to your character’s account within minutes.

Unfortunately, since the game is new there are few Star Trek Online credits reviews to refer players to the best buys. Sites like MMObux which rate prices and practices have yet to yield opinion on STO Credits seller.

For the time being, when you buy STO credits you need to do the research. There can be as much as a $5 difference on 5M credits which adds up to money over multiple shopping excursions. It can make the difference in the long run on what your budget buys.

STO credits guides with Star Trek Online credits tips abound but they don’t generally rate merchants. If you do decide to get any guide, STO credits guides or others, make sure they will be updated regularly to meet changes in the Star Trek universe.

The first big expansion is said to be slated to propel new characters though exactly which civilizations and races will be represented has not been released. Speculation and talk of player voting on the new option is burning a buzz on the earthly worldwide web.

Whether they are Romulans, Cardassians or anything else, this will not affect STO credits but will mean new promotional currencies along side Federation merit points and Klingon honor. As any player knows, these points are non-transferable. They are not sold and cannot be switched to a new character.
When you buy STO credits it is only the energy credits which serve for upgrades to systems on ships, ships themselves and essential equipment for away action. Since the July expansion is said to spin new diplomatic mission play, perhaps new diplomatic tools will also be available from your replicator or on space stations and starbases.

Don’t be confused by stores which sell STO credits and offer power leveling. This is often just generically generated propaganda which offers sales of items not necessarily intrinsic to STO credits and this game.
Any good STO credits guide is clear on this and on how to most effectively and efficiently use your coveted currency, STO credits. Whether you buy STO credits or accumulate so many you look to sell STO credits, a new market in real world business is set to enter orbit as the game grows.

Accumulating STO credits is not the only secret to this game but it is an important part of success, as any STO credits guide explains. Only with sufficient game gold can you be ready to take on the Borg.