There are a lot of highly desirable items that can be found at the end of the game in Star Trek Online. However, the big thing that stops so many players from loading up on those high end items is that they cost a tremendous amount of Star Trek Online Credits. Even if you can reach the rank of Captain or Admiral in a couple of weeks with the slack levelling curve, it will take you weeks and weeks to get the Star Trek Online Energy Credits needed to buy the Very Rare items you’ll need to complete the end-game content.

The Real Cost of End-Game Gear in STO Credits

The end-game gear comes in a few different forms. Primarily, players need to farm out the end-game content and get the Badges used to buy Omega and Very Rare items from NPCs at the end of the game. This can take hours longer than if they just buy cheap STO credits. However, these badges are hard to come by and can generally only be snagged at 1-5 a day. Exploration can be interesting for a while, but eventually gets tiresome and PvP is still a work in progress.

The average player might spend anywhere between 2-3 weeks farming the badges they need every day to get one or two good pieces of end-game gear. It’s possible to spend STO credits and get that gear directly, without having to spend extra time playing the game. ,Some players will sell their badges for thousands of STO credits, but the right badges you will need, given their rarity, would cost millions of credits. It could take weeks to get those credits if you don’t want to buy cheap STO credits to save time.

Creating the Right Process to Get That Gear

If you’re really serious about getting the top level gear once you reach RA5, you need to spend a lot of time farming for those badges – or you need to get out there and really work the Exchange and make a lot of Star Trek Online Credits. Since both of these processes can be time consuming, also make sure to complete any Borg missions available to get whatever is available from them as well.

In the end, many players turn to stores that sell Star Trek Online credits, saving them time and money in the process. With fresh economies and plenty of people out there selling currency, it is a fast and safe way to bypass the mindless grind and pick up some good STO credits. Keep this in mind, do your research on mmorpg seller review sites like MMOBUX and a couple others, and you’ll be able to find a good, solid STO credit seller to meet your immediate need for additional credits.